Are your rack installations safe?

Are you carrying out regular maintenance and legally required annual inspections?

Chess Safety Inspections is an independent SEMA Authorised Rack Safety Inspector. We carry out detailed audits assessing the condition and safety of racking and shelving installations.

Our reports will provide you with clear and concise information on structural defects, damage to uprights and beams, any overloading and any corrective action required. Arming you with the information you need to make sure your racks are safe and comply with current legislation.

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Racking Safety Inspections

The inspection will ascertain the integrity of your racking and shelving and our SEMA Approved Inspector will advise of what is required to ensure you are in full compliance with current legislation.

Identify damaged frames

  • Impact damage to uprights Is the upright broken or bent?
  • Frame bracing both horizontal and diagonal
  • Is any bracing bent or torn from the bolt fixings?
  • Are there any missing or loose bolts or nuts?
  • Floor fixing bolts - Have any of them been broken or sheared?
  • Base plates and levelling plates - Are any torn from position, are any bolts or levelling plates missing?
  • Splices - Is there any visible damage, are all the nuts and bolts still secure?
  • Column guards and upright guards - Are they still doing their job?
  • Spacers - Is there any visible damage, are any bolts missing?

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